This week in books

I’ve run across some interesting articles and topics of note this week, including of course, Nobel winners being announced.

Here’s a little run down of things to catch up in the book world:

Canadian author Alice Munro was announced yesterday as the winner of the Nobel Price for Literature. Munro’s published works stretch across nearly 45 years, and the announcement comes the same year she announced her retirement.  Check out a list of her work here. Need help narrowing? Slate has you covered!

Alice Munro Book

Business Insider (oddly enough) has put together a map of the most famous book set in every state.  What book is most famous for being set in your state? I’m sorry to those of you from Washington, but you must know what it is.  North Carolinians may not be too pleased either – that seemed a toss up. Scrolling through I also found it would make a great reading list (maybe cross off one, or two depending on how you feel about the North Carolina pick).  Also for some of those classics you just haven’t made it to yet, the each listing offers a short and simple synopsis, actually making me want to read some I’ve been putting off.  Of course I immediately scrolled through for Illinois, as I would with any list –  The Jungle was a surprise, though to be fair, I can’t come up with much else to offer in it’s place.

McDonalds announced it would be including books in Happy Meals for the next two months instead of toys.  Think you’ll get a copy of a children’s classic? Think again!  Some 20 million books featuring characters trying to eat healthy will be distributed in the coming months. Oh the irony! The company did something similar earlier this year in the United Kingdom, triggering a Twitter play on words via #mcbooks, which FastCo has revived this week.  Read the full story to get the full picture of McDonalds big book plans for the future.  What do you think? Will books over toys be a hit or miss?

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