What Maggie’s Reading this week

Link love to good reads from the internet:

  1. Malcolm Gladwell had a piece in the New Yorker recently. How did those who left New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina fare, compared to those who stayed? What does it mean for the city? With the nearly constant anniversary coverage the past week, this seemed to fill an interesting gap in what people were talking about.
  2. Have some money saved and looking for a change? You can have your own Under the Tuscan Sun moment, in Spain. According to an NPR story, for $230,000 you can buy an entire village, for much less you can get a smaller village. Just want a house? About $5,000 will get you in. This sounding like a great option to anyone else?
  3. As a magazine fiend this one was a great find: one of my favorite travel blogs, World of Wanderlust, shared their top 10 indie magazines for travel lovers. Check them out and see if there’s something you like. Check out the rest of the blog while you’re there.
  4. From BBC.com: Did technology kill the book or give it new life? The article includes so pretty cool ways technology has been helping the book – the best of which is a Chrome plugin that gives you local independent bookstore prices while on Amazon. You can even order that way, and pick it up in person. Don’t get too excited though – it only works in the UK. I’m impatiently awaiting the US release of such a tool.
  5. Bonus: Not from the internet, but, I finished my very first graphic novel this week, with the first volume of Fables. Just one question: did I read a comic or a graphic novel? I’m not entirely sure. But I’m going to find out. If you know, please help me understand! But coming soon, I’m getting into comics and graphic novels and where to start, all based on what I’ve found for myself.


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