5 Books for Fall

With so many big releases from the summer, and now what seems like a never ending list for fall, your to-read list may be feeling a little discouraged. I dug through everything new, or somewhat new to reach these top 5 picks. Oh the narrowing! Seriously, this was tough – so much of the latest releases sound amazing. 


Purity What Maggie Read

1. Purity
I can’t escape any news or list about new books for fall without seeing this. That would appear to be for a reason. A mysterious background, no personal or family history , a South American adventure, and Germans who traffic in all the world’s secrets. Excuse me while I run to the library to track down a copy…


All the Light We Cannot See

2. All The Light We Cannot See
Because you just still haven’t read it and you should. Need more? A blind French girl and German boy find themselves in Nazi occupied France, trying to survive the war.


Eight Hundred Grapes

3. Eight Hundred Grapes
This sounds so good – revelations before a wedding, secrets, betrayal, a vineyard. When the family you have isn’t the solace you think it will be in your time of need. Your world is flipped around. Did I mention the vineyard? There’s a family vineyard!


Fates and Furies

4. Fates and Furies
When everything looks rosy on the outside, what does the inside look like? Told from two sides, husband and wife, over 24 years of marriage, things may not be as they appear. I make no promises the secrets revealed are not dark, twisty, evil, or similar. It doesn’t sound like they are bodies in the closet crazy though. Also no comparisons to Gone Girl that I’ve seen, but let’s all read it and find out!


Two Years

5. Two Years, Eight Months, Twenty-Eight Nights
Everything I’ve read about it has completely pulled me in. Walls suddenly break down between worlds, and some people find themselves with previously unknown powers, or unthinkable abilities. At night, worlds collide and war between light and dark stretches on. I’ll let you guess how long. I’m all in with this – it sounds right my ally lately.

I’m going to be honest – this does not sound like its for everyone. If you enjoyed the Magicians series, you like sci-fi or fantasy, you dig graphic novels, and are stoked about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them filming, this may be for you. If however, you didn’t understand a single piece of the previous sentence, you couldn’t read Harry Potter cause that world wasn’t real enough, you steer clear of anything fairy tale or fantasy related – I feel like this may not be for you. But I suggest you give a try – take it for a whirl.

Also if you haven’t read Harry Potter, what did you with your life while everyone else was reading it? Did you have hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks of free time? It’s cool, you can still jump on that.


Luckiest Girl Alive

6. Bonus: Luckiest Girl Alive
If you loved Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and are searching for more (why, oh why would you want more so soon?) then check this out.

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