With love from the internet

A little link love for the great stuff I read this week

  1. A recent find that, the article is from earlier this year, and if you’ve ever sat down with a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book you may want to read this article from The Atlantic. Have you ever wondered how the either of these series have kept going over time? This is partly because of the ongoing collection of mystery writers, a large batch of freelancers, who are always cranking out stories – and have been for 85 years. Also certain aspects are always updated, the bad guys changing from Germans to Russians, to who knows what now (Russians again?), and smaller changes, like the detectives have mp3 players. You know you want to know the secrets to their success: The mysteries of the Hardy Boys and The Invisible Authors.
  2. Malcolm Gladwell’s latest piece in the New Yorker is a must read. Even if it weren’t quite so timely, he hits on the big points we tend to leave out in the aftermath discussion of school shootings. We can keep asking each other what to look for, but the bottom line is, there is no common thread. It’s a long one but worth the read: Thresholds of violence: how school shootings catch on
  3. If you’re feeling bored give this piece from the Guardian a read: Boredom is not a problem to be solved. It is the last privilege of a free mind. Stop complaining about being bored and embrace it. Let your mind be free and you might actually find a solution to problem you’ve been stumped on, or find you enjoy the break. It also reminded me of this piece from the Spring: 21 Reasons You Should Not Be Proud of Being Busy516jZyKLXgL
  4. Gloria Steinem has a new book, My Life on the Road, coming out soon, so you may be seeing her, well, everywhere. I’ve read two interviews with her in the last few days that were great. Why I love them: getting something new out of a figure who has been interviewed, written about, and has written about her life is hard, but both of these accomplished that. I also love reading about strong female role models, and I think as women, and as the feminist community, there is a lot yet to learn from her. Views, opinions and understanding can change as you get older, and especially as you learn from your own personal history, and Ms. Steinem still has a lot to teach us. Here are the articles:


Happy linking. What great things are you reading online?


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