What Maggie’s reading lately

Book lists, oh book lists.

I found a few – and let me take a moment to say, Bustle is a great resource for to -read ideas.

I love Bustle’s list of 12 Books to Make You a Better Reader. It’s one of those things we forget about as adults, but continuing to read books that challenge not just your view of the world, but your reading level and language skills, is just as important as it was during your school days.

I hear a lot of people say they don’t like reading nonfiction. I don’t understand that, but I’m a history junkie. This list is an amazing reason why I think more people should read nonfiction, and there is something on here for everyone. Find your next book: 26 Very Important Nonfiction Books You Should Reading.

I recently read The Bell Jar, and cannot praise it enough for what it does for mental health – especially when you look at the historical aspect of how we dealt with mental health when this was written, and publish versus today. I highly recommend it. I recently ran across it on this list – 24 Books That Are Actually Honest About Mental Illness from Buzzfeed. If you’ve read The Bell Jar, or would like an alternative – try one of these. These books are so important for breaking down the stigma we hold to mental illness, everyone should be reading something from this list.

One more thing, that makes my heart sing:

In the wake of the terrorists attacks in Paris, the Amazon in France has sold out of Ernest Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast – the ultimate Paris love story. See the full story in The Guardian. All my love to Paris.

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