5 Book Resolutions

Everyone needs some resolutions for their reading habits. Here’s a few I’d like to challenge you to. I’ll be ticking these off this year as I hit them.

Emily Bronte Wurthing Heights1. That book you’ve owned forever but haven’t read. It’s time to read it.

You buy books all the time, but some just sit on your shelves gathering dust and neighbors. Pick one of them and make it happen this year. I have plenty that fit this. And some ideas about which one I’ll read.

2. Branch out: new author, new genre

Is there a genre you avoid – or do you cling to only some authors? I know I avoid genres. The time has come to break down and explore some new areas. Suggestions: try poetry, scifi, or, (I don’t know where this falls in genres) Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Mad World.

3. Try out the dark side: Austen fan? Read a Bronte novel. And vice versa.

Someone give me another similar option. And yes, I’ll try and read a Bronte book. Suggestions?

Wealth of Nations4. Learn something new: find a nonfiction book about something you actually don’t know about. As in, if you’re me, don’t pick up a history book.

Never stop learning. Challenge yourself. See the book I listed under no. 2. It could apply here as well. Other suggestions in this area: A History of God (explores the three major world religions), The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Bully Pulpit (or anything by Doris Kerns Goodwin), The Wealth of Nations. Some suggestions from Neil deGrasse Tyson may interest you as well.

5. Go to a library (more often).

Especially if you don’t have a library card.

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