BrooklynBeautifully written, the story a young woman foisted from the protective nest of her Irish village, to Brooklyn for opportunity America brought in the post-war world. Eilis may feel this new life was foisted on, but she takes it on well. She is young, a little sheltered, and anyone can relate to her feelings of loss, trepidation, fear, excitement, and anxiety.

Always in envy and awe of her older sister Rose, Eilis learns from her how to carry herself, and what I love best about this, is that she does this when she is most uncertain, nervous or anxious.  The result is confidence and strength.

Just as life in America falls into place, moving up in her job, finishing a professional education, and falling in love, she returns home and finds herself faced with a decision. Stay in Ireland, or return to the life she was building in America.

I have yet to see the movie, but as soon as I found out it was a book first I had to read it. I’m sure the movie is good – it’s written by Nick Hornby after all. But it was wonderful to read.

Okay, I listened to it. I tried it as an audio book from the library. I forgot how much I loved audio books. I finally figured out how to “read” and knit at the same time! Oh and the audio book is read with accents. One final warning: you may want to go to Ireland after reading it. You may also want to go to 1950s Brooklyn (if you figure out how please tell me).


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