5 (or so) Reading Challenges for 2016

  1. The Bustle’s 2016 Reading Challenge is focused on reading books from women and writers of color. The areas covered by the challenge will certainly force you out of your routine and comfort zone. Their suggestions of where to start are worth the read themselves.
  2. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge is complete with a list to write in the books you intend to read in each category, and check boxes for when you complete them. I love the categories too: a horror book, a science book, books over 500 pages and under 100 pages.
  3. PopSugar has a similar reading challenge to Book Riot – check list and all. My favorite on the list is the first book you see in the book store. A challenge indeed depending on what it is. quote
  4. This one is interesting: Read the World – each month takes you to another part of the world. This list forces you to meet new cultures, new authors, read the classics and more.
  5. Finally a list that includes reading a banned book. Check out Modern Mrs. Darcy – and you can see her picks for each category here.
  6. Read the books you’ve been meaning to read. With Good Reads challenge just log in and enter how many of books you’re going to read. Somewhat similarly, Mount TBR Reading Challenge has levels based on the number of books you’re going to read in the year, and all are books on your to be read pile.

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