15850930Some books are just a joy to read. Vera is barely old enough to leave home and heads to Chicago in the early 1920s. She quickly finds herself for falling for two gangsters from rival gangs.

So yeah, it’ll pull you in. Renee Rosen likes to take the first 50 pages or so to set the stage. All her books feel like they’re starting slow, but then all of the sudden – things are rolling. And set in the roaring ’20s, they roll fast, with a heavy dose of liquor, and a lot of secrets.

Gangs, prohibition, Chicago. To me this just says read me. But some of you may need more.

Vera is young, broke, and living on the edge watching those benefiting from the boom economy. North side mob member and night club manager Shep Green falls for her. With the realization of what he really is, she backs off for unsure of what to do. That’s when a South side mobster catches her eye. Both men vie for her attention and affection. She has to pick one, but neither can really leave her life for good.

Marrying into the mob means having all the things Vera wanted and the social status she aspired to. As the 1920s heat up though, the dream of a quiet, normal life becomes a distant dream. The battle between the North side and South side impacts her life and family with each hit. The desire for the life she ran to Chicago to escape, means getting out of the Family, but that doesn’t come easy.

Once again, a novel set in Chicago that has you all over the city and visiting familiar places. Well researched, Rosen beautifully weaves fact and history into the fictional story she’s telling.

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