The Ocean at The End of the Lane

ocean-at-the-end-of-the-lane The first Gaiman book I’ve finished, and it was a perfect way to dive in. The Ocean at the End of The Lane was worth the wait, and beautiful start to an author I know I’ll read more from.

Short enough to be mistaken for a children’s book, but certainly not written as one, this book will take you back to your childhood, into dreams, and nightmares, and your deepest imagination.

I finished reading it weeks ago, and still wonder who these amazing women are. While the main character is male, the young boy befriends an impressively strong girl, and her mother and grandmother.

Gaiman is one of a few male authors I can think of who writes strong female characters like these.

Set as a flashback, the story is so beautifully told through the eyes of a child, but challenges any adult reading it.

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