10 days in Israel

I keep seeing ads for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv travel. I want to go. So I went back through my photos. It’s been a few years or a little more than, but it will stick with me forever. It’s a not to miss destination. It was as expected in many ways, completely unexpected in other ways, and so different from my normal that you can’t help but be pulled from your comfort zone and be in awe.

The asterisk on this particular trip is that my friend and I stayed with friends in Jerusalem, who helped us narrow down our bucket list, and had a car for one of our day trips. With their help, we narrowed Tel Aviv down to one day and one night. If you want quality beach time, add a day.

Here’s a quick look at what we did.

Day trips:
Acre, Rosh Hanikra, and Safed
Massada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea with Abraham Tours

Safed, Israel


Tour Western Wall Tunnels
Temple Mount
Tower of David
Dormition Abbey
Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Stations of the Cross through Jerusalem’s Old City and
Yad Vashem
King David Hotel for drinks on the patio
YMCA Jerusalem – it’s a rather impressive building, with a dirt cheap breakfast
Mahane Yehuda Market

Jerusalem, Israel

Dormition AbbeyTel Aviv:
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Jaffa Flea Market
Old Jaffa

Tel AvivWhile the country is about the size of New Jersey, you can’t do everything in one trip. We had to cut some places and day trips. As a side note for planning as well, you may not be admitted to the West Bank, which includes Bethlehem. Keep this in mind in planning – organized day trips are a way around that.

Things that got cut early on:

The highlight of the trip: dinner at Majda! If you saw Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Jerusalem. The food was amazing, the scenery was beautiful, and the whole experience was as advertised and then some.

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