5 books to get you on the trail

When I can’t go hiking or I’m feeling far from nature I’ve found it’s easy to reconnect through a book that takes you on a hike. Here are five books to will make you want to hit the trail.

A Walk In The Woods

1. A Walk in the Woods

A Bill Bryson classic, this is one book most people have read if they know who Bill Bryson is. Rewatching the movie recently, I was sad when it ended, remember how much of the book is cut out. Warning, reading this book in public will have you laughing out loud, regardless of where you are.

Wild From Lost to Found on the PCT
2. Wild

Yeah, everyone has read this, and plenty of people (women) have decided to hike the PCT because of it, including Lorelai Gilmore. Cheryl Strayed isn’t the first person to find herself in nature. That said, she also knew about camping, hiking, and living off the land when she did it. If you’ve pushed this off your reading list, I promise, it is worth reading.

Turn Right at Machu Picchu
3. Turn Right at Machu Picchu

I loved this book. I’ve wanted to go to Machu Picchu for a long time, but this book made me rethink how I would do that, and where I would go. The author retraces the steps taken by Hiram Bingham when he found the site. (Hiram Bingham a.k.a the inspiration for Indiana Jones.) The book tells parallel tales of Bingham’s search and the author’s trip retracing those steps a hundred years later.

Into Thin Air
4. Into Thin Air

I’m never going to climb Everest. And I don’t really need to. I’ve read this book. I don’t care if you’re outdoorsy or not, this book was so compelling, and the story of loss and survival that unexpectedly happened on this trip is remarkable. Krakauer was sent to cover the Everest Climb in 1996. His account went from coverage of the best climbers in the world to an account of the disaster and following tragedy of the May 1996 assent.

The True Account
5. The True Account: A Novel of the Lewis & Clark & Kinneson Expeditions

I don’t remember how long ago I read this book – but it has stuck with me. I remember so much of it. The only fiction book on the list, this is the story of Ti, and his uncle, Private True Teague Kinneson, who race to Washington to be a part of President Jefferson’s expedition to the new Louisiana Purchase. Being refused by the President Private Kinneson decides he will lead his own expedition to the West, and beat Lewis and Clark there. It’s a really funny, and unexpected story.

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