Dublin’s EPIC Museum

EPIC is a new museum in Dublin, opened in the last few years that tells the story of emigration from Ireland. Yep – it’s telling the story of people leaving the country.

This was the main attraction I did in Dublin when there last fall. The museum is incredibly well done. John Hammond may be in your head saying “Spared no expense!” while you make your way through.

While kids may not understand a lot of it, and the interactive exhibits may make it sound family friendly, I found the interaction to be much more adult focused. Also, it is long and detailed and has so much information no kid is going to let you get through it all. But grown-ups – hit it up and give yourself a couple hours.

Move slowly so you make sure you’re getting your passport stamped along the way.

What should you expect?

  • Athletes
  • Inventors and scientists
  • Activists fighting for women’s equality,
  • Musicians + Irish music (and dance (learn to Riverdance))
  • Authors
  • Notorious Irish because well it’s more fun that way
This is your chance to learn how to play hurling, an Irish and Gaelic sport.

Follow arrows up to each person and learn their story and crime.
Step on the notes to play the song. 

The exhibits include large migration periods and where Irish emigrants moved too. It moves on to Irish emigrates and their descendants who achieved success in their new homes.

Stop into a pub and learn how Irish pubs have spread around the world and test your knowledge of pub history and culture. (I’d did pretty well on the quiz!)

Storytelling may have been one of my favorite parts (SURPRISE!). If a book spine is lit up pull it out of the shelf, and you’ll hear a section of the book.

Another favorite part, which surprised me, was St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world. I am the person who hides out at home on St. Patrick’s Day. I can watch the Chicago River be dyed on TV, and well the whole city is drunk, I don’t need to join in.

But Chicago was highlighted in the celebrations around the world! It was pretty cool to see and yes I hung around watching the videos loop to get photos of Chicago celebrations.

Tips for going:

  • Save it for the end of the day and go about 2 – 2 and half-hours before they close. You’ll need about all this time to go through it.
  • Look for coupons. I found one on Facebook and while it didn’t work they gave me the Rick Steve’s coupon instead.
  • If you don’t have a coupon, go anyways. It is worth it!
    It’s a short walk from Trinity College and right by the Tall Ship.

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