Over hyped books worth the hype

Books Little Fires Everywhere Where the Crawdads Sing

I don’t usually run out to grab a copy of the latest book a celebrity is talking about. Especially if that celebrity likes to buy the rights to turn them into movies in the next year. But these books, it turned out were worth the hype!

Little Fires Everywhere

I kept seeing a wait for this at the library. For the book, the ebook, the audiobook. From when I first looked it up to when I finally saw the end of the hold list insight was about a year. I was really hoping it would be worth the wait.

I realized immediately I really didn’t know what it was about. So here’s a short synopsis: set in the ’90s, the Richardson kids befriend the new family in town, Mia and Pearl Warren. The book opens with the Richardson house on fire, and questions about where one of the kids is.

Lives change with the arrival of the Warrens. Each child looks to the other family as the ideal, and an improvement in their own family situation. The past comes back to shake up the quiet planned community, not used to the drama.

Little Fires Everywhere - Book

Here’s what I really liked: there are a couple of mysteries going at once throughout the story, but there’s also enough going on to forget and get pulled into another storyline. Also, because it’s set in the ’90s there are no cell phones or social media. It’s refreshing and made it feel a little nostalgic.

Where the Crawdads Sing

The book is so beautifully written and tells the story from both the beginning and the end, crossing decades and running through time. Yet in Kya’s marsh time has stood still and she resists the entrance of the modern world into her own. Growing up is hard enough, but Kya’s learning curve and what she gives up for a semblance of normalcy is, at times, greater than what she gains.

She laughed for his sake. Something she’d never done, giving away another piece of herself just to have someone else.

This tells the story of the natural world of the Carolina’s, and the story of Kya, and her quiet coming-of-age story, overcoming incredible challenges that most people couldn’t imagine. Kya lives quietly away from town, only to forced into the wider world against her will, when a murder thrusts the town and Kya’s marsh life together.

I loved this book.

Where the Crawdads Sing - Book

Reese Witherspoon bought the rights to both books. Little Fires Everywhere is on Hulu as a mini-series. Where the Crawdads Sing is yet to come. Now is a good time to read them before you see them. I actually listened to both of these on audiobooks, so if you’re into that, can I recommend the audiobook route? They were fun to listen to!

Books to film - Crawdads sing LIttle Fires Everywhere

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