Borrowing books when the library is closed

Library Apps

I’ve rarely bought a book in the last couple of years. While I go to my library on a somewhat regular basis, I also have been getting a lot of ebooks and audiobooks from the library.

If you’re new to either and in need of some reading material, here are a couple of ways to access books through the library without going into the building, plus a few other ways to access books for free – at least for a little while.


Most public libraries have their ebook and audiobook collections available on Overdrive. It’s available as an app for the phone and tablet. Set up your account through the library with your library card.

You can make hold lists and get notifications when books are available.

Libby, by Overdrive

Libby App

While Overdrive owns this app as well, it’s well worth it! Access books through your library card. You can have audiobooks download right on your phone or tablet. You can read audiobooks in the app or have them sent to your Kindle (or Kindle app).

Libby also does a great job of sharing new books, offering new options, sharing what’s popular, what’s available now, etc. It also gives you a good idea of how long you’ll wait for hold items, and it’s rather accurate.

Kindle Unlimited

While not through your library, Kindle Unlimited, through Amazon, has extended its free trial period to 30 days. After that, it is $9.99/month. But now is a great time to take the free month and fill your excess downtime with free books. Check out the details for Kindle Unlimited. 


Very similar to Kindle Unlimited, Audible offers a free 30-day trial. After the trial, it is $14.95/month. Get the details of the deal here. 


Scribd is offering 30 days of free ebooks and audiobooks – and its unlimited! You don’t need to sign up or give them a credit card right now either which is so helpful right now. Not one of the options I normally would consider, it is cheaper than Audible and Kindle Unlimited at only $8.99/month if it turns out you love it. Again, that is for unlimited books, audiobooks, magazines, and news. Check out the details of their current 30 days free with this letter from the CEO.

Book Apps

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