Quarantine Reads

Quarantine Reading Suggestions

I had a recent realization that most that I read a lot of serious books, and mostly on history. Now doesn’t feel like the time for such books though. I pulled together some feel-good reads and books that are sure to make you laugh.



Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Why Not Me

By Mindy Kaling

Like her shows, these books are just as funny and self-deprecating. You are likely to laugh out loud if you’re a fan of anything else she’s written. If you haven’t given these a shot by yet, now is the time.

Talking As Fast As I Can

By Lauren Graham

You might forget that Lorelai Gilmore isn’t real. Graham and Gilmore are surprisingly similar, and Graham seems to write as Gilmore speaks. You can probably whip through it in one sitting.

Notes From A Small Island and Neither Here Nor There

By Bill Bryson

In addition to these, A Walk in The Woods, The Lost Continent, and Bryson’s many other books are all entertaining. My least favorite to read on public transit because I never know when I’ll be laughing out loud. It makes them perfect for quarantine reading.

Yes, Please

By Amy Poehler

I wasn’t a huge fan of Amy Poehler on SNL and wasn’t even a regular viewer at the time. I’m also not a Parks and Rec person (my apologies to you all). I still wanted to read the book, and actually loved it. It was funny, and lighthearted, even when speaking to serious points in her life.

fiction books renee rosen


Dollface, Windy City Blues, Park Avenue Summer

By Renee Rosen

I’ve loved all of Renee Rosen’s books. Historical fiction centered around a woman, usually in Chicago (Park Avenue Summer is the exception). Each set in a different time as well, you’ll be transported to another place with different challenges, intrigue, and gossip for each protagonist to rise above.

Classics - Jane Austen

Your favorite Jane Austen Book

I reread Pride and Prejudice and Emma just about every year. Everyone has their favorite Austen that they read over and over. Now is a great time reread, or pick up another classic you’ve been meaning to read, or pretended you read in school but never did.

What are you reading right now?

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