Cider Tastings: Part 1

When I gave up gluten a couple of years ago, I was mostly upset at having to give up beer. I didn’t love cider options in bars. The average bar has one option. There are so many other options out there though — and they are good. 

I wanted to start sharing what I’m trying. And I’ve done a lot of trying during quarantine. I’m starting with some classic hard apple ciders. 

Strongbow English Dry Cider

Classic English cider, available worldwide. If you’re in the US and walk into an English or Irish bar this is what will be on the menu. It’s good, though somehow I thought it tasted different (better) in England. 

Aspall English Cider

Aspall Imperial Cider

Classic English cider – actually older than Strongbow, just not as widely available. It’s a good dry cider, especially with a couple of ice cubes in it. (If you’re asked in a bar if you want ice in your cider, say yes. Add it in ad home with this one.)

Orchard Thieves Irish Cider

Orchard Thieves

This is only available in Ireland. If you’re in Ireland get this cider when you see it on the menu. It’s on the sweeter side similar to Angry Orchard, but I like it better. This is my favorite of the ciders I had in Ireland. And not just because pints are twice as large there. 

Stonewell Cider

Stonewell Cider

I’ve tried both the dry and medium-dry ciders in Ireland. Stonewell is classic Irish cider. They are potentially available in the US. Similar to Aspall, these were served with ice. 

Virtue Michigan Apple

I love Virtue ciders. Michigan Apple is a semi-dry cider. It is slightly sweet without knocking you feeling like you’re drinking apple juice.

Ciderboys First Press

Made in Wisconsin, I’ve only seen this in Binny’s. I got this as a six-pack and just hoped it was good. It was a great find! I really liked this one – it’s not a classic dry cider, and it’s not especially sweet like Angry Orchard.  

So many more to come!

Cider Tasting Part 1

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