Taking on Kale

Kale dinner

I’ve been getting a produce box since May, so I’ve had the benefit of eating much more seasonally. There are some items that seem to always be available, but I’ve already been overloaded with winter vegetables.

I used to only use kale to make kale chips but with it easier to get than spinach lately I’m learning to love it. It’s that or I don’t get greens. The problem is that kale is a pain to cook and if it’s not done right it’s not pleasant to eat either.

Here’s one dish I made that featured kale, that I loved! This was very much a pull random things out of the cabinet to create dinner, that worked out well.

I have been loving the Italian chicken sausage from Imperfect Foods. I had far too many sweet potatoes and an excess of cannellini beans. So I put them all together.

For sweet potatoes, I usually chop and roast them. It’s easier to toss them into a few things, rather than eat an entire potato. I roast them in the oven until they are soft, at 425° or 450° for 45 minutes. (My oven is old and I question the temperature whenever I set it.)

I’m pretty impatient about this part and tend to start the rest of the dish before I should. If you’re like me I suggest after putting them in the oven chase your cat or dog around the house or get distracted by the Instagram Explore tab.

In an attempt to use as few dishes as possible I like to put everything I possibly can in one pan.  Cook the chicken sausage and remove it from the pan.

Toss kale and olive oil in a bowl. Get your hands dirty (after cleaning them well) and rub the oil into the kale. I hate this part it but it makes such a massive difference. Why? I don’t know! If you do please share! Season it a little at this point, and again in the pan.

The kale goes into the pan used for the chicken sausage. I seasoned both the kale and the sweet potatoes with garlic salt and Italian seasoning. The kale won’t wilt like spinach so move it around in the pan, get it warm, and toss in the roasted sweet potatoes, chicken sausage, and drained cannellini beans.

As it’s a winter dish, I recommend adding toasted pine nuts (another pan required) or walnuts. I went for walnuts this time.

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