This started as What Maggie Read:

I started What Maggie Read to talk about books. Believe or not, at some point, as much as I love to talk books, I wanted to write about something else. I hope those who followed What Maggie Read will stick around if not for the food and travel, at least for the books.

What was What Maggie Read is now under its own page here. What’s new is my kitchen successes and failures, because let’s face it – not everything any of us does is perfect, and things in the kitchen can get messy. I’m not just showing what works and comes out beautiful. Wheres the fun in that. You know want to see how I manage to be grain-free, dairy-free and sugar-free.

In addition, you’ll find stories and photos from my travels. Where I’ve been, what I saw, but I don’t intend for this to be like every other travel blog that tells what to do in every place I go. Maybe you don’t want to go where I went. I will, however, offer tips as I learn lessons from my own travels where I think it’s really important to share. Otherwise, it’s just the fun, unexpected things that happen when you step outside your daily life.

That said I live in a city that draws tens of millions of tourists each year – with each year drawing more. Chicago is a big, sprawling city with so much more to it than you’ll find in any guidebook, and much more than the stats you hear on the news. The Second City nickname is misleading. We’re second to no one, and I’ll show you why.

Who is Maggie:

As you’ll read I like to cook (and eat of course) and travel. I also read some. Aside from what’s here, I watch a decent amount of TV, mostly from the UK, run, follow the ups and downs of the Chicago Cubs, and take long naps with my ginger cat named Banana.

It’s nice to meet you.

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