5 lists to find your next read

In my rummaging online I found a few lists that will get you headed to your nearest book store. And, if your 2017 reading resolutions are anything like mine, it'll help you cross some off your list. Irresistible Books: Small Presses in Science Fiction and Fantasy  2017's Best Poetry  10 Works of Black Literature America Needs … Continue reading 5 lists to find your next read


The next 5 books I’m reading

Nicotine by Zell Zink Penny finishes college and returns home only to lose her father. With his death, the family drifts apart, and Penny drifts lost. Heading for the house left to her she finds it filled with squatters, and no heart to tell them to leave. Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller Most every woman my … Continue reading The next 5 books I’m reading