How to bundle up for a Chicago winter

Living in Chicago means living up to the hardiness that others outside Chicago, especially people from the South and West, and often other countries. I've heard questions about how to dress for Chicago, how to prepare yourself for it. Preparation Tip #1: the City of Chicago does not shut down for snow or cold. Another … Continue reading How to bundle up for a Chicago winter



Some books are just a joy to read. Vera is barely old enough to leave home and heads to Chicago in the early 1920s. She quickly finds herself for falling for two gangsters from rival gangs. So yeah, it'll pull you in. Renee Rosen likes to take the first 50 pages or so to set … Continue reading Dollface

The Devil in the White City

Another Erik Larson books, and once again I need to remind myself I’m reading nonfiction. The Devil in the White City is a look at Chicago at a turning point. Seen as a rough tumble, gruff city on the edge of the civilization (I can only assume these views come from New Yorkers), Chicago had to earn its place among major cities of the world. Growing up there I have always known how great it is, and embraced it’s colorful history from Al Capone, and influxes of immigrants, factory workers and union battles to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and rebuilding of the city after the Great Fire of 1871.