I joined Book of the Month

I joined Book of the Month after getting a discount code for a three month trial. And then I had to pick between five books - which took some time! A couple amazing things I quickly learned:  In case, like me, you can't decide, you can add on up to two additional books for $9.99 each! … Continue reading I joined Book of the Month


5 Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Sometimes non-bookish people need a little help shopping for the book lovers in their life. Here are some of the best things I've found online.` 1. Old books scented soy candle (or Bookworm, The Shire, Don't Panic Fresh Towel, etc., $18, Etsy) 2. Book reader cookie cutter ($13, CopperGifts.com - I'd also check kitchen stores that tend to … Continue reading 5 Gift Ideas for Bookworms